“Is it therefore requisite that we should speak about particulars of this kind; and that we should divulge, by a written oration, things which it is not lawful to mention, and which are ineffable?”

Julian (the Apostate), Oration to the Mother of the Gods

It has been said that, “[if] we would know man in all his subtleties, we must deviate into the world of miracles and sorcery.”[i] We all share a common life and every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good. While some may excel in their contributions to the good by cultivating plants and animals, pursuing economy and politics or religion, there have always existed those who strive to know the things “that are not and cannot be, but have been imagined and believed” – these are the Wise Ones: the night-walkers, the magicians, the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.

This blog is a journal in part a collection of the magical adventures, misadventures and spiritual reflections of one whose life has led him off the common path and into the circle where they cavort with angels and demons alike, one foot in the gutter of the world of matter and all its gross beauty but with his eyes fixed on the stars of possibility. This blog is also in part a morality play, a divine comedy for you, gentle reader, to take what you can either as inspiration or a warning to steer your soul from assured damnation and hopeful salvation – the author makes you no promises as to where the road may lead, but he hopes it will make a good story.

MICHAEL SEBASTIAN LUX, the Gentleman Necromancer, Seattle, WA, is native Washingtonian and Cascadian, who studied psychology and social anthropology at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington. He has been described as the John Yarker of the Twenty-First Century who has the audacity to “learn all the things” and is a member of a number of esoteric organizations. He has a strong passion for social justice issues and its intersection with theurgy as a path of personal and social liberation.


[i] Godwin, William. Lives of the Necromancers: Or, An Account of the Most Eminent Persons in Successive Ages, Who Have Claimed for Themselves, or to Whom Has Been Imputed by Others, the Exercise of Magical Power. London: F.J. Mason, 1834.